ellefrost.com is my personal style diary archiving my wardrobe choices, DIY projects and inspirations.

When it comes to fashion, I’m one of those people that easily falls for an item of clothing, coveting the same thing until its colour slowly fades or it has a breakdown. These items generally include hats, which tend to lose themselves on strangers heads, rings that generally get washed down the sink and jeans, which hold up pretty well, surprisingly.

I’ve been losing my hats to Parisians since 2008, when I moved here from London. Their French bread and garlic loving ways have slowly been rubbing off on me, not to mention their chic sense of style, although I’m rather upset that shorts do not feature in a Parisian fashionista’s uniform. That never stopped me anyways.

Being stylish, for me, is about wearing something you love and feeling good in what you wear, rather than following each and every trend.

I hope you enjoy the blog, don’t be a stranger!


ellefrost.com  was nominated for an award with Cosmopolitan Magazine in the UK 2013