DIY fringe sleeves top behind a colourful multi colour wall in paris

Fringe was the DIY #2 at our H&M event a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share this oh-so Great Gatsby idea with you. I’m trying to resist fringing everything in my wardrobe at a risk of looking like a 70s style lamp shade. Less is more when it comes to fringe, but the DIY is just so easy it’s irresistible!

I do actually need to stop, I already fringed a kimono that you can see here, but the DIY fringe sleeves are just so damn cool I want to party and flamenco dance in them. If only I knew how to flamenco dance…

The how to…

diy fringe sleeves dress step 1 you will need fringe a sewing machine and scissors

1. You will need : 1 – 1.6 metres of fringe, something with sleeves of some sort, scissors, a quick-unpick, pins, thread and a sewing machine (you can do this by hand but using pinking shears to cut the fabric so it doesn’t fray)

2. Cut the fringe to the length of the arms.

3. Unpick or cut the arm seams. (I unpicked mine as they were already tight.)

4. Turn the sleeves inside out and pin the fringe so it sits inside the sleeves. This means the fringe will be on the outside of the sleeves when you turn it back outside-in.

5. Sew a zig zag stitch along the sleeves. Cut any loose threads.

Top and bottom photo : Louise from Imagined Adventures.


Volià!  It’s an easy sewing machine job : 2 straight lines in a zig-zag stitch. Just test the stitch on a scrap t-shirt and then plain sailing from there on!


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