I made the rings using crimping pliers. They are such a great tool, they really finish things off well. I paid about £3 for them on eBay – I just hope they last.

The great thing about these rings is that you make the to fit your finger so they fit perfectly and they are so versatile. Recently I’ve been stacking them on top of each other which looks awesome. If I had used a thinner chain I would have also made a couple of knuckle rings. I don’t know about you but I always lose my knuckle rings when I’m in a kerfuffle or on a night out. The great thing about these rings is that if you lose them you can always make another with the left over chain, so this would be the perfect solution.

The how to…

1. You will need : Chain, clastic, crimping beads, crimping pliers, cutting pliers or scissors, and superglue (optional)
2. Wrap the chain around your finger to calculate the length. Cut the chain a link shorter than the circumference of your finger.

3. Hook the elastic through one end of the chain, then slide the crimping bead onto the elastic.
4. This is how it should look. The elastic loops through both sides of the chain and the crimping bead (kind of like a key ring). Tighten the elastic to the right size.

5. Crimp: This requires a little concentration. On a pair of crimping pliers there are two indents. First you need to close the crimping bead with the second indent (furthest away from the end of the pliers). Then make the bead round with the first indent.
6. Cut any elastic that’s left over. Optionally here you can add a little super glue around the crimping bead for added security. As an alternative you can always make a knot in the elastic and superglue the knot down.


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