DIY Rope Baskets

DIY rope baskets DIY rope baskets or rope bowls


You will need:

  • Cord or an old style washing line. 8 metres / 27 feet makes a small bowl.
  • Thread.
  • A sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Optional :

  • Embroidery thread & needle for decoration.

materials needed to make rope baskets

step by step rope bowl

1. Start by trimming the end of the cord and rolling a flat spiral about 3cm/ 1 inch wide.  Insert two pins in a form of a cross. This keeps the work together at the beginning. 
2. Now with the work pinned together, place the spiral under the needle of your sewing machine and start slowly zig zag stitching the rope together to form a flat base.

Easy method to make rope baskets

3. Once you have your base sewn, lift it up at a right angle.  For a small bowl you want to make a flat surface of about 14 cm / 4-5 inches wide. 
4. Keep sewing at the same angle until you get to the end. For the end loop it off to finish going backwards and forwards with the zig zag stitch. That’s it! So easy!

Embroidery rope basket5. Optionally you can add a little embroidery thread to the top to add some colour. You could also try painting or using a  different colour thread on the machine!

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