DIY Tablet Case

DIY Ipad case, tablet case DIY tablet case

This DIY tablet case is the perfect little protective accessory to add to the collection. I sewed the case by hand because the felt and the leather together would have been too thick to pass through the sewing machine. :)

You will need :

  • Leather 
  • Felt
  • 2 buttons
  • 4o cm of cord
  • Chalk
  • A ruler and a stanley knife or rotary cutter
  • A leather needle and thread
  • A thimble
  • Bulldog clips and scraps of leather
  • An awl & a stitching wheel (available on ebay)

things you need to make a tablet case



1. Mark and cut the leather and the felt to a flat envelope shape the size of the tablet. The height should be around 2 and a half times the height of the tablet, add an extra 3cm on to the width for the seam allowances.



2.  Using the stitching wheel, prepare the seams 
3. Pierce the markings made with the stitching wheel.


hand stitching a DIY tablet case

4. You can use bulldog clips to keep your work together while you sew.
5. Sew the case together using a single needle saddle stitch 

single needle stitch

6. A single needle saddle stitch consists of going in and out with the needle from one hole to the next, once you have finished the seam, you then come back around working backwards through the hole filling in the blank spaces with the thread
7. Attach the buttons and the cord or the closure of your choice.

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