Festival // DIY Gold Leaf Crown

DIY gold leaf crown

Headband fit for a roman boss. :)


how to make a gold leaf crown

You will need :

    • Faux leather trim (I got this from my local haberdashery, you can also find it on etsy)  
    • Velvet ribbon
    • Scissors
    • A pencil
    • A leather needle & thread,
    • A sewing machine (optional)

1. Mark and cut out the leaves. I cut out a few notches on either side to add texture to each leaf. 
making Caesars crown
2. (Optional) With a leather needle on your sewing machine, sew a few veins onto the leaves. Alternatively, you could use a pen instead to mark out the veins.
3. Sew the leaves onto the velvet ribbon, hiding the stitches behind the last leaf.

That’s it you’re done! Please do send me a picture, tweet, facebook or instagram me up if you make your own version! I would love to see them!

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