Backless Knit Dress

Backless knit dress zara Little black dress outfit Backless knit dress fedorah hat outfit gold and black sunglasses with fedora hat and gold ring IMG_4955

Photos : Hugo
Hat : Topshop // Glasses : ASOS // Backless knit Dress & Boots : Zara // Rings : H&M

When I saw this dress in the shops I wondered to myself if going backless in cold weather was a good idea, but honestly I tried this the other day with a cute cardigan and I was fine. You can always take it off when you’re inside and it gets a little warmer. Going backless is great if your want to do something simple yet feminine and original if you dare! As for the shoes, I can’t stop wearing them with everything, I’m loving turning dresses into something a little more tomboy/Lara Croft!

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