Levis 501 diy look wearing H&m top, diy levis 501s and asos shoes

details for the levs 501 DIY look,  neon pink nails, close up of DIY and top.

on the steps near montmartre wearing levis 501 diy jeans

close up of ASOS shoes and bottom of levis 501 diy

Here’s an idea I had inspired by the x Levi’s #501 competition. I have a ton of Levi’s that I have already personalised over the years, some have turned out great, others just turned out too purple for my liking. This one though, is la crème de la crème of all of them. I created the design it by making a stencil, I promise I will put the how-to up this week with the polka dot design on PDF!

I love the idea of taking a rather masculine pair of jeans and making it feminine. Over the years women have constantly cut them into shorts, I decided to girl it up a different way, with an all-time favourite of mine, the polka dot! 501s are the perfect “boyfriend” jean. They’re timeless. Rock on 501!

Photos : Kevin Stramp


Jeans : Levis 501 DIY  // Top : H&M // Shoes : ASOS

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