Tennis shorts look spring 2013, summer brights wearing koshka tennis shorts and zara jumper and shoes

details on the tennis shorts look from koshka with neon nails and sweatshirt

Trying a colourful spring summer look in Koshka tennis shorts, and zara jumper.

close up of shoes from spring summer tennis shorts look, zara

I’m enjoying being a little more colourful at the moment, it’s time to spice up the ole wardrobe and don something a little more interesting than black. That’s why I’m enamoured by these tennis shorts. The colour is beautiful and it goes so well with a neon pink nail varnish and whites, and well, a lot of other colours I haven’t yet had the time to test. But I’m seriously looking forward to wearing them more often in the summer!!

The shorts are from Koshka, a great online store, à la Nasty Gal, edgy and original. They have some beautiful pieces made out of quality materials which I think is a little rare this day and age, a lot of the stuff we buy now is Acrylic which is essentially derived from oil! Shock horror, ain’t nobody got time to sweat in that!


Photos : Kevin Stramp


Shorts : courtesy of Koshka // Jumper & Shoes : Zara


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